The 2013 Aussie Open Event that started it all

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2013 Aussie Open

The Inception and Growth of the Aussie Open Disc Golf Event

The Aussie Open Disc Golf Event first launched in 2013 with the vision of becoming one of Australia’s premier disc golf tournaments. The initial event served as a pilot, introducing disc golf to the Mundaring Sporting Club in Perth and setting the foundation for the installation of the first permanent disc golf course on public land in Perth since 1989, kindly donated in kind by the team behind Recreation Activity Design, Flying Disc Store and Dude Cltothing to help kick start public increased perception of Disc Golf as a quality community activity for local councils. 

The event was established to elevate the sport within the country and to provide a competitive platform that could attract both local and international talent. The inception of the Aussie Open aimed to:

  1. Promote Disc Golf in Australia: By hosting a high-profile event, the founders sought to increase the visibility and popularity of disc golf across the nation. This initiative was geared towards inspiring more Australians to take up the sport, fostering a robust and active disc golf community.

  2. Attract International Talent: By creating a world-class competition, the Aussie Open aimed to draw top players from around the globe. The challenging and rewarding tournament set in the unique and scenic Australian landscape provided an irresistible lure for international disc golfers.

  3. Foster Local Talent: The event was designed to give Australian players the opportunity to compete against the best in the world. This exposure was intended to raise the level of play within the country and prepare local athletes for international competitions.

  4. Cultural Exchange: Beyond the competition, the Aussie Open serves as a cultural exchange platform. It brings together disc golf enthusiasts from different countries, promoting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

The success and growth of the Aussie Open have been significantly bolstered by partnerships with prominent brands and organizations in the disc golf community. Key sponsors include:

  • PSS Group: A leading name in supporting disc golf events in Perth from 2008 onwards , PSS Group has been instrumental in providing logistical and operational support to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.
  • Innova Discs: As one of the most respected disc golf manufacturers worldwide, Innova Discs has not only provided high-quality discs for the event but also brought global attention to the Aussie Open through their extensive network.
  • Australian Disc Golf (ADG): ADG’s partnership has been crucial in promoting the sport across Australia, leveraging their expertise and resources to enhance the tournament’s reach and impact.
  • Dude Clothing: Known for their stylish and functional disc golf apparel, Dude Clothing has been a key sponsor, providing gear that enhances player comfort and performance.

These partnerships have been essential in making the Aussie Open a landmark event in the disc golf calendar, attracting top talent and enhancing the experience for players and spectators alike.

Looking Ahead

Since its inception, the Aussie Open has grown in stature, becoming a key event on the international disc golf calendar. It continues to significantly contribute to the development and recognition of disc golf in Australia, promoting the sport’s growth and increasing its popularity. For more information about the event, visit the PDGA Event Page.

By continuing to foster these valuable partnerships and maintaining a commitment to excellence, the Aussie Open is set to remain a pinnacle event in the world of disc golf, bringing together a global community of enthusiasts and athletes.

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“The Aussie Open is the pinnacle of disc golf tournaments, offering challenging courses and a vibrant atmosphere.”

Michael Downes

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“As an amateur player, the Aussie Open has been a fantastic opportunity to compete against top talent.”

Paul Mcbeth

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“The Aussie Open showcases the best of disc golf and brings the community together.”

Jennifer Allen

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